Monday, December 1, 2014

Week Fourteen - The Future

The Future is bright! Or is it? This week I chose to listen to the radio drama version of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. I love the move and the tale but when I got around to reading the book I was too young to actually want to read it or understand the hilarious nature of it. Listening to the audio files was the best ever. just like the book! I wonder, since I haven't done it yet (yet because I plan it it later today!)  if the rest of the audio files follow the book ( or rather if the book follows them or leaves anything out) its wonderfully written and I literally can get over over much I actually love Hitchhikers Guide.
I havent seen the movie in awhile ( watched the whole thing) and I think after finishing the radio files I will, so that I can compare them.

Week Thirteen - Literary Speculation

In class reading- The Aquatic Uncle.

Week Twelve - Diverse Position Science Fiction

The week in Class we read the short story Bloodchild by Octavia Butler.
I have got to say this is one of the most creepy and intriguing short story I have read in a very ling time, her writing style is so much different than what I am used too and I loved it!
I think that Bloodchild showed that the human culture as we know it will still somewhat live on but a good portion of our ways will be lost and/or replaced with new ones. In Bloodchild the earth is now shared with another dominant species that is even higher above humans. Humans have become a farming tool of sorts and thats all humans are really good for. breeding. Iv seen this approach before but never as something humans would find endearing. it was disturbing to read about, and picture humans as a weaker race and not on the top of the food chain as we have always thought.

Go out and get disturbed. Read Bloodchild.
(I made my friends read it as well and they loved it )

Week Eleven- Cyberpunk and Steampunk

This week we are looking at the movie Paprika, Cyberpunk and Steampunk.
I highly recommend this movie, especially if you have seen the movie Inception, which I believe it is very similar too.
It is an animated dubbed japanese film but it is wonderfully animated (eye candy for sure!) and keeps you at the edge of your seat and ultimately at the end, wanting more.

Paprika deals with an altered reality, taking place in the subjects mind and is used thru the machine DCmini. At this point and time we see it beening used as a sort of healing thearpy to get thru a trauma (I would probably be more tramatised after that! lol) the movie takes a turn to the crime investigative side when people start to go crazy on the device where it alters the mind so much it continues to work even when not connected to the DCmini... the two worlds collide and all hell breaks loose as the characters trie and fix the broken reality.

what is real and what isn't?

Week Ten- The Fiction of Ideas

This week I read James Tiptree Jr.'s Short story, And I Awoke and Found Me Here on the Cold Hill's Side. Im not sure I really enjoyed reading this short story, not that is was not good, it just struck some chords as being scary or dangerous. It is set on a world ( not sure if it is earth) but it is insinutated that you can visit other worlds besides your own (much like Star Trek etc..)
This kid, the interviewer is dumb. He hears the story the redheaded man tells him but instead of actually listening to how Aliens are taking over and humans are going to be snuffed out as slaves or the poorest of the poor.
The redheaded man's wife seems to be a play toy for them. so after these horrific scenes the man has laid out before this young man,
he just sort of brushes it off and runs to the first Alien he meets, not caring if they r the dangerous types, in this world life only gets crueler.

Week Nine- Space Opera

When hearing the words Space Opera most people think of Star Wars, or Star Trek. Instead of discussing things I know ( and most space opera nerds out there) I chose to pick up a comic!
A comic called Saga, (monthly) by Brain K. Vaughn and Fiona Stables
Since I own a few of these comics I decided it was time to check them out...
This is the one I chose...

The Comic opens up with a witty line, kinda instantly wanted to read more...
"Would one of you overgrown condom failures kindly remove the dead fucking dragon from my runway?"

The part that makes that line the best thing ever is the fact that the character has a tv/computer screen as a face and apparently her hand morphs into whatever she wants! sword? here my hand.
( the artwork is also awsomeee!)
The comic shows regular people in a war type/ post apocalyptic world living almost regular lives. the only true difference is the fact that all the characters are of different humanoids or are animals with human feelings and way of thinking. It is the norm.

It is much like a Star Wars movie or Star Trek.

Get out there and read Saga!!

Week Eight- Mythic Fiction and Contemporary Urban Fantasy

This week I decided to read a bit of Neil Gaiman's The Ocean at the End of the Lane. Going into this book I knew nothing about it but had heard all the hype and excitement around it. So naturally when I found it on my reading list I thought, well lets see what all the fuss is about!

I generally like it, its a bit different than what I am used too but in a good way. It is refreshing! now I want to go a head and say I didnt read it all ( in fact I was time pressed so I listened to and Audio Book)  but I got enough of it to see how Gaiman has played with myth and reinventing myth for the contemporary world

Before I go any further, here is a link from youtube for the audio book!

Its Neil reading too!! :D

Okay, The book starts out super depressing with the death of this little boys pet cat fluffy, in which this gruff man just thinks its okay to give a cat for a cat and replaces fluffy with his evil counterpart- Monster the ginger terror! as the story unfolds you fins little things a bit outa place or strange but not strange enough that you are bothered by it. until the main character ( a little boy) meets a 11 year old girl. Only this 11 year old girl isn't actually 11, she is much older. Saddly I started to turn out a bit since I personally can only listen and be talked to for a certain amount of time and 3 hours is quite alot.
I had heard enough to decide that I want to go pick up this novel in a bookstore sometime over the weekend. The definante theme for  The Ocean At The End of The Lane- Things are not always as they seem.